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    Well, Anthony has shown no indication of wanting to leave and we have had no trade request coming from his camp.We envision al ong future with him and would like to build the team around him.If the price is right we're willing to listen , but Anthony is our man.As for our guard trio, there have been offers for both guards, but its unlikely that either will move.Last season the experiment proved that with the right headspace and coaching, the double PG duo backcourt can work. Trent we would love to bring back and as the squad is currently shaping up, with Hardaway probably staying and being the lone 6th man, its looking like Trent will be starting at SF for us next season, provided that we agree with him on a contract .As for other signings, it's hard to currently evaluate what will be happening there,given that our money is mostly already allocated for years to come, as well as the Trent extension. We do not believe our roster needs many changes in order to make a playoffs run, just better production.

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    I haven't answered to this, reason being, I had no idea what to say,this season was a slog tnd then some.

    Currently there's little chance the guard duo is being separated with neither having birds, Trent is picking up his form and could potentially start next season.As for Anthony, at this point he is available, but not for scraps, and there's definitely no rush for a move.